Man Tries To Force Down Marijuana With Double Cheeseburger


Photo: Pasco County Sheriff’s Office
Samuel Collins: Can I get fried with that?

‚ÄčWhen a Pasco County, Florida sheriff’s deputy walked towards Samuel Collins’ Honda Del Sol about 2:30 a.m. Saturday, Collins had a bag of marijuana in his mouth, the deputy reported.

Turns out that was just the appetizer. To help swallow the baggie, Collins, 28, grabbed a double cheeseburger with both hands and started “shoving the burger into his mouth,” according to officers, reports Drew Harwell at the St. Petersburg Times.
The deputy stopped Collins after seeing a McDonald’s bag fly out the window. As he approached the stopped car, he yelled for the occupant to “spit it out,” but the deputy said Collins continued to chew and swallow until he grabbed the suspect by his left arm and pulled him to the ground.
At that point, Collins spit out the baggie and a small, clear wrapper of marijuana. The deputy also found a joint on the passenger seat of Collins’s car, according to the police report.

Collins, who “showed signs of drug and alcohol use,” according to the deputy, said he was sorry for trying to swallow the “weed.” He also ‘fessed up that he had a suspended license and was afraid of being arrested — which (surprise, surprise!) didn’t help.
The burger-scarfing pothead was charged with marijuana possession, “tampering with evidence” and driving without a license.
Collins, who lives in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., paid his bond and was released from jail on Sunday.
He was previously arrested on New Year’s Day for failing to appear in court on a marijuana charge, records show.