More Than Half Of CA Voters OK With Candidates Smoking Pot


Photo: NORML
Our past three Presidents have admitted they smoked weed. And more than half of California voters are OK with that.

​​A new poll shows that as many California voters are fine with candidates for political office smoking pot recreationally, as those who aren’t.

The 41-page poll (PDF), from Capitol Weekly and Problosky Research, found that 50.6 percent of likely primary election voters were either “much more likely” to vote for a candidate who was a recreational user of marijuana (4.3 percent), “slightly more likely” (2.5 percent), or, with the largest group, marijuana use would make no difference (43.8 percent).
A total of 46.4 percent said marijuana use would make them either “somewhat less likely” to vote for a candidate (12.4 percent) or “much less likely” (34 percent).
The pollsters asked 751 likely voters via telephone earlier this month whether knowing that a candidate recreationally uses marijuana would affect their vote.

Most mainstream politicians, however — even in California — are scared to death of the marijuana issue. Not a single gubernatorial or Attorney General candidate in the state supports the legalization measure on November’s ballot, despite the fact that 56 percent of Californians support legalizing pot.
More women (51.1 percent) would be less likely to vote for pot-using candidate than men (40.8 percent).
Almost twice as many Republicans (65.4 percent) are less likely to vote for pothead politicians than are Democrats (35.1 percent) and independents (36.5 percent).
A survey of this size yields a margin of error of plus or minus 3.7 percent, with a 95 percent degree of confidence, according to Probolsky Research. Appropriate ratios were obtained such as for gender, age group, ethnicity and geographic area.