San Diego D.A. Has Losing Streak With Medical Pot Cases


Photo: Bonnie D.A.’Mantis
San Diego County D.A. Bonnie Dumanis: Despite a pledge to respect California’s medical marijuana laws, she has waged an urelenting war against cannabis patients and providers

​San Diego County medical marijuana activist, patient and provider Eugene Davidovich was recently acquitted of all charges of illegally selling and possessing cannabis. His March 26 acquittal follows an earlier courtroom loss for District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis in the Jovan Jackson case.

Yet Dumanis continues her fanatical and expensive campaign against medical marijuana patients and providers.
Another high profile medical pot case looms for Donna Lambert, a 49-year-old cancer patient who also ran a medical marijuana network that provided home deliveries to patients, reports Peter Hecht at the The Sacramento Bee.

​”I don’t take from this that we’re not going to be able to prosecute a dispensary,” Deputy District Attorney Steve Walter said after the Jackson case. But Walter and his boss Dumanis clearly still haven’t shown they can win such a case, even after wasting a lot of tax money and police manpower trying to do so.

After two spectactular failures with other high profile medical marijuana prosecutions, now D.A. Dumanis is going after patient Donna Lambert

Lambert, who operated The Women’s Health Cooperative, goes on trial this month on seven felony counts, including illegal marijuana sales.
“I am 100 percent sure that I was following the intent of the law,” Lambert said.
“For several years I’ve been sitting in medical marijuana support groups and listening to story after story of sick and disabled people being threatened and abused by the officials of San Diego County,” Lambert said. “It is time to let go of their war against the medical marijuana community and spend even a portion of that energy to build a bridge of safety and understanding with the medical marijuana community.”
Medical marijuana advocates say the not guilty verdicts in the Jackson and Davidovich cases were rebukes to Dumanis and local law enforcement. Puzzlingly, ggressive medical marijuana enforcement has been, and continues to be, a priority for Dumanis’s office.