Hawaii Officer Guilty In Las Vegas Marijuana Case


Graphic: Media Junkie

‚ÄčA Honolulu, Hawaii police officer was convicted Wednesday in Las Vegas of misdemeanor driving under the influence and marijuana charges, resulting from his arrest last August while taking part in a softball tournament.

A felony driving under the influence charge was dropped for 38-year-old Kevin Fujioka because it conflicted with the misdemeanor DUI charge, according to prosecutor Bruce Nelson, reports Fox 5 News.
Fujioka was found guilty Tuesday of the two misdemeanor charges by a Las Vegas justice of the peace, who fined the police officer $580.
A misdemeanor marijuana possession charge against another Honolulu police officer, 47-year-old Shayne Souza, was dropped last month after he pleaded guilty to “obstructing a police officer.”
Souza and Fujioka were arrested August 15 as they smoked pot in a van near a park several miles west of the Last Vegas Strip.
Clark County Police said they spotted the stoned officers in a van at Desert Breeze Park.

The two officers were arrested with another Honolulu man, Scott Wilson.

“To have safer parks, we need more police officers out there,” said Clark County Police Commander Roy Michael. I guess he means besides the stoned ones.