IL Lawmakers Still Scared Of Medical Pot; Only Two Votes Away


Photo: Lou Lang News Weblog
Rep. Lou Lang: “I’m not done; I’m gonna keep trying”

‚ÄčA vast majority of people in Illinois say they support medical marijuana. The most recent poll shows 68 percent of state residents want to make cannabis legal for medical purposes, reports Anna Davlantes of FOX Chicago News.

So why won’t Illinois lawmakers make it happen?
Predictably, most law enforcement agencies claim giving anyone legal access to marijuana increases the supply for potheads.
Opponents also point to the fact that cannabis hasn’t been approved by the FDA — conveniently forgetting to mention that the reason this is so is the lack of research mandated by its federal classification as a tightly-controlled Schedule I narcotic, with no accepted medical uses.

State Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie) is trying to break the logjam. Lang is sponsoring a bill to legalize medical marijuana in Illinois, and says he is only two votes shy of getting it passed.

“I’m not done; I’m gonna keep trying,” Lang said. “And if it doesn’t pass now, I’ll bring it up in the Fall or bring it up in January [when the Legislature resumes].”