Kentucky Pothead Runs For Sheriff; Calls On Others To Do So


Graphic: Ronnie Smith For Sheriff, Gallatin County
Ronnie Lee Smith: “The laws against marijuana violate the U.S. and Kentucky constitutions on numerous levels”

​Ronnie Lee Smith wants to be sheriff of Gallatin County, Kentucky. Which is not that unusual, until you realize that Smith is better known as pot comedian and social media personality Roland A. Duby.

“All activist potheads should run for sheriff like I am,” Smith said Friday.
“I remember having my marijuana taken and thrown in the creek by a friendly policeman who shall remain nameless,” Smith said. “I wasn’t arrested and turned into a criminal for it.”

Photo: Roland A. Duby
Roland A. Duby, also known as Ronnie Lee Smith, wants to be Sheriff.

​According to Smith, the laws against marijuana violate the constitutions of the United States and of Kentucky “on numerous levels.”

“These laws have no business being enforced,” Smith said. “If I am elected sheriff of Gallatin County, I will protect the farmers’ rights to grow as much marijuana as they want!”
According to Smith — a libertarian who pledges to stop all bank foreclosures in the county — if he is elected the Sheriff’s Department will accept marijuana as payment of property taxes.
“The value wil be set after I am elected, but the way I see it, we should have marijuana available to the general public,” Smith said. “The Commonwealth of Kentucky already sells marijuana tax stamps. And there is nothing stopping Gallatin County from issuing their own tax stamps!”
“People will come from around the country to sample Gallatin County’s finest marijuana tops,” Smith said.