Patient Denied Medical Marijuana In Jail; Wants Answers


Photo: KFOX

‚ÄčA New Mexico man arrested Sunday for driving with a suspended license said he was stripped of the marijuana he possessed, despite the fact that he is legally enrolled in the state’s medical cannabis program due to his epilepsy.

Gregory Fernandez, 34, said he often has seizures, especially when stressed and not having his medical marijuana, and now he wants answers, reports Phil Anaya at KFOX News.
“I’m wanting for the state to recognize it more, more like California, you know as in they help people out because they don’t just make it where you can smoke it; they also have it in brownies and liquid form and with the pills they can give it in the detention center, I feel,” Fernandez said.

KFOX asked the Dona Ana County detention center to see if other options are available for medical marijuana patients who are in jail, and if those options were offered to Hernandez.
Surprise, surprise. KFOX hasn’t heard back from the detention center. Don’t hold your breath, KFOX.