Raided Medical Marijuana Dispensary Refers Clients To Street


Photo: chan4chan

​A medical marijuana dispensary shut down after a raid by Montreal police earlier this month is urging patients to buy their pot on the street.

The Compassion Club on Papineau Street is telling patients who need to refill their prescriptions that they now only have two choices if they want to obtain marijuana, reports CBC News.
“We have to send them to either Health Canada — which takes two to six months — or we send them to buy on the street, where you can actually buy some,” said Geneviéve Simon, an administrator at the Compassion Club who was arrested in last month’s police raid on cannabis shops.

“The only way to buy right now in Montreal is to go to [the Metro station]and buy from people there, because it’s the only place that is an open market, and you will find a dealer,” Simon said.
According to Simon, getting an officially approved medical marijuana permit from Health Canada takes months.
Telling people to buy marijuana from street dealers isn’t illegal, according to Montreal police.
Cops raided five compassion clubs across Quebec on June 3, claiming that some club clients were buying marijuana without proper authorization from Canada’s federal government.
Simon and 34 other people were arrested; all are now facing drug trafficking charges.
Simon still consults with patients from a table she has set up outside the Papineau Street dispensary.
She said she hopes to once again sell medical marijuana soon, but expects long, drawn-out court proceedings first. Her next court appearance is June 23.