Deputy Falls Off Cliff, Pulls Another With Him In Pot Grow Raid


Graphic: Life Is A Joke

​A deputy was injured as he fell off a cliff Tuesday, pulling another deputy with him and injuring him as well, during a marijuana grow raid in California.

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office Major Violators Unit (damn, they sound important) and the Kern Narcotics Enforcement Team were trying to serve a search warrant for a cannabis grow operation in the remote area of Bald Mountain, in the Havilah, Calif., area, reports KERO 23.
During the hike into the grow area, one of the deputies lost his footing while crossing a large boulder and cliff, officers said.

Photo: Bakersfield News

​The deputy began sliding down the boulder.
A second deputy sheriff, Reed Lovan, tried to rescue the first guy by grabbing the falling deputy’s backpack, according to the Kern County Sheriff’s Department.
The momentum of the falling deputy pulled both lawmen off the 30-foot cliff, the sheriff’s department said.
Lovan’s leg and ankle were broken in the fall; he also sustained a shoulder injury.
A sheriff’s helicopter the department calls “Air Five” rescued Lovan from the ravine where he had fallen. He was transferred to Kern Medical Center.
The remaining, uninjured deputies served the search warrant and claimed they found a “large clandestine marijuana grow.”
Deputies claimed they seized and destroyed more than 17,0000 cannabis plants.
Surprise, surprise: Deputies said the suspects fled prior to deputies entering the marijuana grow.
You think? Go crashing in like the Keystone Kops, falling off cliffs and dragging each other over them, having to call in medivac helicopters and in general creating mayhem and a general air of incompetence?
How on earth did the “suspects” ever figure out that something was going down?
“You guys are wasting your time anyway,” commented “Glad,” one reader on the KERO 23 site.
“What a waste of time and money!” agreed “tlk,” another reader. “Once again, people getting hurt over a plant. What a bunch of idiots.”