Georgia Deputy Charged With Bringing Marijuana To Jail


Photo: Fulton County Jail
Raheim Lowery, 30, is looking at life from the other side of the bars today.

‚ÄčA Fulton County, Georgia sheriff’s deputy is on the other side of the bars today.

Raheim Lowery, 30, was arrested and jailed Wednesday after he allegedly brought marijuana to the jail, sheriff’s spokeswoman Tracy Flanagan claimed, reports Ty Tagami of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
Lowery was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and with bringing prohibited items into jail, Flanagan said.

“We will continue to pursue criminal charges against anyone found smuggling drugs, tobacco, telephones, and other banned items into the Fulton County Jail,” said Sheriff Theodore Jackson, reporets WSBTV.
“We have initiated sensitive search and surveillance protocols to maintain the security of the jail,” Sheriff Jackson said.
The doping deputy’s short career in law enforcement only lasted six months.
Lowery was hired in December and was still under probationary status.
He will be fired Friday, Flanagan said.