Georgia Police Find Pot Seeds In Bag Of Chips


Photo: Reality Catcher
No, this isn’t the guy. And these aren’t the chips. But it seemed somehow appropriate.

‚ÄčPolice officers in Rome, Georgia arrested a man on a misdemeanor marijuana charge after finding what they claimed appeared to be pot seeds in a bag of potato chips, according to official reports.

Police and deputies went to an apartment in Rome to serve a warrant, but they could not get anyone to answer the door, reports Kim Sloan at the Rome News-Tribune.
Officers said since they heard the television on, “they went inside to make sure everyone was OK.”
Isn’t it great just knowing that from now on, whenever you leave the TV on to make it appear as if someone is at home, you’re inviting police officers to come busting in?

Anyway, the vigilant officers found Justin Jamil Foster, 22, who lives across the street, sitting at what they described as a “homemade dice table.”
By the way, if you’re wondering what, exactly, distinguishes a “homemade dice table” from just a, well, table, you’re not the only one.
Foster told officers he didn’t live at the apartment, and at first said he didn’t know who did. He later told the cops that he thought maybe one of his relatives lived there, but he didn’t know their name.
The officers placed Foster under arrest for criminal trespass. Now, if it seems to you as if they were the ones guilty of criminal trespass (just barging on in because the TV’s on? Get real), you’re not the only one.
Officers claimed they found scales with a “small amount of leafy substance” that “appeared to be marijuana.” Foster was charged with possession of less than an ounce of cannabis. Since he lived across the street, one wonders why he is charged with possession of what’s in a potato chip bag in the house, or for any other illegal substance found in a home that wasn’t his.
The police saw an open bag of chips on the table; inside the bag, they claimed to have found a clear plastic bag of “what appeared to be seeds from a marijuana plant.”
We’re still awaiting word on exactly why, if police were “assisting deputies serving a warrant,” they were poking around in potato chip bags, since the warrant they had was for a person, and not for a search — and even if the warrant had been for a search, it would have had to state exactly what officers were looking for.
“A roach with a suspected burnt marijuana cigarette was also found,” according to the report.
We’re still awaiting word on whether the police arrested the roach that was in possession of the burnt marijuana cigarette.