Drought: Israel’s Stoners Bummed Out As Marijuana Prices Soar


Graphic: Jewlicious

‚ÄčIsrael is suffering through the worst marijuana drought in memory. Not even the most seasoned pot smokers can recall a dry spell like this one, reports Saar Gamzo at Haaretz.com.

Reasons for the current weed shortage include recent drug busts by the police and border guard; cooperation between Egyptian cartels trying to boost profits by limiting the supply; and unusually low rainfall this year.
Conspiracy theorists are even claiming a secret Israeli government program to “combat apathy” and “stir up the nation’s fighting spirit.”
But whatever the cause, cannabis costs more than ever before in Israel.

With high demand and low supply, prices are going through the roof, soaring by several hundred percent, according to Haaretz. Desperate potheads are paying inflated prices for even low-quality weed.
“In the last few months I’ve been getting dozens of calls every day,” said “Z,” a Tel Aviv street dealer. “A month ago I stopped answering. All my sources are dry and even I’ve stopped smoking every day.”
“My customers — from every segment of the population — are willing to pay massive sums,” Z said. “Unfortunately, I’ve got nothing to offer them.”
“Before the shortage I paid a fair price for a decent bagful, but now it’s bankrupting me,” said “N,” a heavy pot smoker.
“It’s tricky, if not impossible, to score in the city and when you do find someone who’s selling, prices are astronomical,” N said. “Only the hydroponics lot are managing to keep ahead of the drought — but they’re almost a closed group.”
“A lot of my friends have decided that the only option is to grow their own,” N said. “As long as the police stay out of the way, in three or four months’ time this should be all over.”

How Israel’s marijuana prices have rocketed


  • Pre-drought price: NIS 150 (about $40 US) for 50 grams
  • Today: NIS 35 (about $9 US) per gram


  • Pre-drought: NIS 200 (about $50 US) for 10 grams
  • Today: NIS 500 for (about $130 US) 10 grams

Hydro (hydroponic marijuana):

  • Pre-drought: NIS 45 (about $12 US) per gram
  • Today: NIS 110 (about $30) per gram

Chares (high-grade Indian hashish):

  • Pre-drought: NIS 450 (about $120 US) for 10 grams
  • Today: NIS 800 (about $210 US) for 10 grams