Montana: Anti-Pot Petitioners Face Off With Pro-Pot Protesters


Graphic: KULR 8

‚ÄčAn effort to repeal Montana’s medical marijuana law, which would once again make criminals of the state’s 16,000+ cannabis patients, is stirring emotions from activists on both sides of the doobie divide.

The “Safe Community, Safe Kids” petition is being handed out across the Big Sky State. The group needs 25,000 signatures by Friday, June 18, to qualify for the November ballot, reports Nicole Grigg of KULR 8.
On Wednesday, medical marijuana advocates protested at Billings’ Centennial Park where anti-pot petitioners were collecting signatures.

The “Safe Community” anti-pot folks had a drive-up station for people to sign the petition. Police were standing by to make sure everyone remained civil, with emotions running high in both groups.
“It’s about our kids, but it’s also about our state and what it says to other states in the country,” said Pam Christianson with ‘Safe Community, Safe Kids,’ who seems to believe that allowing cancer and AIDS patients to suffer is somehow good for kids and communities.
“We know we have bars and casinos, but we don’t need to add this to street corners either,” Christianson said, seemingly unaware that medical marijuana is already legal in Montana, and has been for six years.
Medical marijuana patient Andrea Cook had a different perspective.
“I gave up man’s drugs, prayed to God, started using cannabis, and now I’m still here,” Cook said.