L.A. Pot Shop Says It Will Stay Open Despite New Law


Photo: Los Angeles Cannabis Clubs
JJ Herbal says it is committed to serving patients in the West Los Angeles area — even if the city tries to shut it down

‚ÄčA Los Angeles Superior Court Judge’s rejection on Friday of requests for a temporary restraining order on L.A.’s ordinance restricting the number of medical marijuana dispensaries means hundreds of shops must close on Monday. But at least one dispensary on Santa Monica Boulevard plans on staying open.

According to Michael Lee, manager at JJ Herbal, there are no plans to close, even if it is found the shop is out of compliance with the new law.
The facility’s attorney is still determining whether JJ Herbal is affected by the ordinance because of its proximity to a residential area, reports Jonathan Friedman at Lookout News.

“I think our intention is to remain open in defiance,” Lee said. “But if anything goes beyond that, we’ll be prepared to fight if we have to.”
“We want to be accommodating with the city as much as possible,” Lee said.
Despite Judge James C. Chalfant’s rejection of requests for a temporary restraining order, there are other challenges pending. Those include patient privacy and a lack of fairness because some dispensaries are being forced to close while others do not have to do so.
A court hearing is scheduled for June 18 regarding an injunction on enforcement of the medical marijuana ordinance.
“I understand there’s some need for city rules and regulations,” Lee said. “I kind of wish the city had come up with straightforward rules in the beginning.”
There are no dispensaries in Santa Monica proper, so residents of the city must get their medicine from other areas, including Los Angeles. According to Lee, about 20 percent of his clients come from Santa Monica.