Busted Grower Wants To Hug And Kiss His Pot Plants Goodbye


Photo: WAFF
Willis Allen Shackelford asked drug agents if he could give these plants a last hug and a kiss goodbye.

​An Alabama man busted for growing marijuana had a hard time parting with his plants. He told Limestone County drug agents he loved them, reports WAFF.

Agents claimed they could smell pot coming from an air conditioning unit at Willis Allen Shakelford’s home on Quinn Road. When they went inside, they found 55 marijuana plants from six inches to four feet tall.
Shackelford told them he grew the plants from seed, and that he was “concerned” about the marijuana’s safety, agents claimed.
“He requested to know where his plants were; they were his babies,” said Deputy Johnny Morrell. “We advised him they were in the back of the truck.”

Photo: WAFF
Deputy Morrell: “We told him he could wave as he went by”

​”He wanted to know why, and if he could give them a hug and a kiss goodbye,” Deputy Morrell said. “They were his life.”

“We told him he could wave as he went by,” Morrell said.
Shackelford must have had big plans for the plants he loved so much. Also found in the home was an elaborate collection of more than 30 smoking pipes and bongs.
Arrested along with Shackelford were Anastasia Weaver and Michael Blum. All three were charged with marijuana trafficking.

VIDEO: Pot Bust Suspect Tells Agents He Loves His Plants