Congress May Double Penalties For Pot Brownies


Graphic: Cannabis Defense Coalition

​A bill has just reached the floor of the United States Senate that would double penalties for any edible products combined with medical marijuana in California and the 13 other states that provide compassionate relief for patients.

The worst part is that the bill was written and sponsored by Dianne Feinstein, a Democratic senator from California!
S. 258, the “Saving Kids from Dangerous Drugs Act,” was introduced by Sen. Feinstein and is using a hyped-up media scare about “candy flavored methamphetamine” to attack medical marijuana patients and providers.
Since there is no national trend toward lacing candy and other edibles with meth or any other drug besides cannabis, this bill clearly targets legitimate medical marijuana dispensaries, caregivers and patients in states that have legalized it as medicine.

Photo: Transylvania Phoenix
Ol’ Di-Fei gets it totally wrong again: Now Sen. Feinstein wants to double the penalties for marijuana edibles.

​Some medical marijuana users are so sick they are unable to smoke their medicine, and must eat it in baked goods or lozenges. They are already breaking federal law and risking prosecution, but if S. 258 passes, the penalties they face would double.
The bill is currently awaiting a vote. “That’s why we need you to write your two United States Senators today and urge them to defeat this terrible bill,” said Aaron Houston, executive director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) in Washington, D.C.
“As you probably know, many patients prefer to eat — rather than smoke or vaporize — medical marijuana,” Houston said.
“To illustrate how inhumane this bill is, consider this scenario,” Houston said. “The bill would double the federal prison sentence if a college student home to help care for his brother undergoing chemotherapy baked marijuana brownies for him to eat, even if it was recommended by his doctor!”
Please write the Senate now to defeat this heartless bill. Visit SSDP here, enter your zip code, customize your letter if desired, and the email will be sent to your senators!