Gamer Teen Accidentally Leads Cops To Parents’ Pot Farm


Photo: Lake County News-Sun
The Millers: They’re in the jailhouse now, all of ’em

​​Damn kids. Police traced an Illinois teen to his home after he allegedly stole credit cards and used them to play Internet games. When police entered the home, they stumbled upon his parents’ marijuana growing operation and arrested them as well.

Authorities had been investigating multiple fraudulent online orders and downloads resulting from a Lincolnshire, Ill., car burglary in July. In that case, the victim’s credit card was taken from his vehicle, reports Frank Abderholden at the Lake County News-Sun.

Lincolnshire and Buffalo Grove police departments, U.S. Postal Inspection Service and investigators from the Lake County State’s Attorney Office claimed they had enough information to get a search warrant for a residence in Buffalo Grove.
Trevor Miller, 17, was allegedly downloading online games and buying “virtual gold coins” with stolen credit cards.
He was charged with identity theft, burglary, unlawful use of a credit card, computer fraud, and unlawful production of marijuana plants.
While searching the house and property, police found three cannabis plants inside and three more plants outside the house.
Miller’s parents, James, 52, and Cindy, 50, were both charged with unlawful production of marijuana.