Montana Group Halts Traveling Medical Marijuana Clinics


Photo: KFBB

‚ÄčA Montana group is ending its traveling medical marijuana clinics, after facing criticism for their patient screening methods.

The Montana Caregivers Network has been hosting clinics for more than a year, reports KFBB.
The cost of clinic visits was $150, and for that fee, the network brought together patients who wanted to receive a medical marijuana recommendation with doctors who were willing to authorize them.
Even though Montana Caregivers Network said it will no longer be hosting the traveling clinics, the group isn’t stopping its work completely.

Instead, they will now be working with caregivers in Helena, Bozeman, and Billings, setting up office hours for doctors in those cities.
According to a Montana Caregivers Network spokesman, some of the changes were due to criticism from doctors and lawmakers, but the network had also decided that the traveling clinics were “no longer sustainable.”
Traveling clinics helped Montana’s medical marijuana pateints’ registry go from 842 people to 20,000 in less than two years, reports Lindsey Scheetz of KULR-8.