Old Kilo Of Marijuana Washes Up On Florida Beach


Photo: George Ginsburg

‚ÄčIndependence Day revelers at New Smyrna Beach, Florida made an interesting find among the seashells — an old kilo of marijuana.

The pot came ashore around noon on the beach, according to Volusia County Beach Patrol Capt. Scott Petersohn, reports the Orlando Sentinel.
“It was really old and barnacle-crusted,” Petersohn said. “It’s not anything that anyone would want to roll up and smoke.” (The captain must not know some of my friends.)

“Who knows how long it has been floating around in the ocean?” Petersohn asked rhetorically.
The Beach Patrol, who are buzzkills in addition to lifeguards and law enforcement officers, took the marijuana “into evidence.” Mm-hm.
Hey Captain, let us know what your “analysis of the evidence” reveals, ‘k?