Two Charged In Daycare Marijuana Growing Operation


Photo: KBOI

‚ÄčPolice in Suffolk, Virgina have charged two adults in Friday’s discovery of an alleged marijuana growing operation in a home that doubles as a children’s daycare center.

Warrants for possession of marijuana were served Tuesday for Michael R. Cabrera, 26, and Angie M. Cabrera, 25, of Suffolk, reports Tracy Agnew at the Suffolk News-Herald.
Police answered a domestic disturbance call about 8 p.m. Friday in the Hillpoint neighborhood, according to city spokeswoman Debbie George.

When officers arrived, one of the homeowners allegedly showed two canisters of marijuana to the police, telling them that he had grown it himself.
After getting a search warrant for the home, police said they found hydroponic growing equipment in the master bedroom and closet, along with what they claimed was $400 worth of marijuana.
“They also learned, in the course of their investigation, that a daycare was run out of the residence,” George said.
Two children, nine months and three years old, who belong to the Cabreras, were the only children at the home when police arrived, according to George.
Child Protective Services has been notified of the case, George said.