Alanis Morissette To Quit Smoking Marijuana While Pregnant


Photo: High Times
Alanis says she is giving up the ganja until after the birth of her first child.

‚ÄčExpectant mother and rock star Alanis Morissette said she’ll be giving up something she enjoys — marijuana — while she’s expecting her first child.

“I don’t have a stance on it,” Morissette said, reports “I enjoy it… Not while I’m pregnant, obviously.”
The quirky Canadian singer is expecting her first child with new husband MC Souleye, whom she married in May after a whirlwind seven-month romance.
Morissette, who also plays a role in the hit Showtime series Weeds, created a stir last year when she “came out” about her pot smoking.

Alanis said smoking a joint helps give her inspiration.
“I consider myself a moderate user,” she said. “Smoking a joint once in a while gives me a huge head start as an artist. I often feel telepathically on weed.”