Canadian Marijuana Growing Operation Guarded By Bears


Graphic: Freaking News

​Looks like Smokey has a kushy new gig. Police in southeastern British Columbia, Canada have raided a marijuana grow operation that was reportedly guarded by black bears.

Officers raiding the operation two weeks ago at Christina Lake, B.C., about 160 miles east of Vancouver, found two residential buildings and a fenced-off growing operation. Police said Tuesday they found about 1,000 cannabis plants, reports CBC News.
They also found about 10 bears that the homeowner appeared to be using to discourage people from stealing any pot plants, according to Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sgt. Fred Mansveld.
​”[Officers] soon noticed the bears were docile and tame,” Mansveld said. “One of them jumped on our unmarked car for awhile. But it soon became apparent they were habituated to the grow operation.” I’ll bet they were!

Photo: RCMP
An RCMP officer poses with two of the bears found at a marijuana grow-op in British Columbia.

It was evident the animals had lived on the property for some time, police said. And after all, who can blame the bears? It sounds like a pretty good gig.
The woman accused of growing the marijuana had been feeding the bears for years, one neighbor said.
Police are recommending that the woman face marijuana cultivation charges.
Conservation officers now have to decide what to do about the bears. Police are considering destroying the poor animals “because they have become too used to human food and contact,” police said.