Deputy Fired After Beating Of Marijuana Suspect Caught On Tape


Photo: WIS-TV
Sgt. Oddie Tribble puts the beatdown on marijuana suspect Charles Shelley on Thursday.

​A South Carolina sheriff’s deputy has been fired after he was caught on tape repeatedly hitting a handcuffed inmate who had been arrested for possession of marijuana.
The videotape shows Sgt. Oddie Tribble Jr., 50, beating a handcuffed Charles Shelley, 38, with his police baton, breaking the victim’s leg.
The State Law Enforcement Division and the South Carolina Attorney General are now involved in the investigation of the deputy, reports Brad Franko of WIS-TV.
Kershaw County Sheriff Steve McCaskill said he fired Sgt. Tribble on Friday, one day after the incident at the Kershaw County Detention Center.
Shelley told TV station WIS by phone on Monday that he and Tribble had “exchanged words,” and then Tribble ordered him to get out of the police van.

“I’m in handcuffs, he tells me to get out of the van and commence to beating me with the pipe he had,” Shelley said.
Sgt. Tribble’s report claimed that he was driving a prisoner transport van to the jail when the victim “became irate and began making threatening comments.”
Tribble’s report said the man threatened to use the Internet to find where he lived, and said “I want to kill your family, your wife, and daughter; anybody that is associated with you in your home,” Tribble claimed.
Once inside the sally port, Tribble claimed he tried to remove the victim from the van when Shelley “jerked away,” and Tribble grabbed the victim by the side. Tribble’s report says Shelley jerked then jerked a second time.
That’s when Tribble’s steel baton came out.
Tribble reported that he “struck SUBY [subject]about his lower extremities” before the man fell.
The man then started listening to “verbal commands,” and Tribble pulled the victim, now with a broken leg, to his feet.
Kershaw County Sheriff’s Lt. Robinson then ordered Tribble to take the man to the emergency room, according to the report.
The South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) announced its involvement in the case in a press release on Monday.
“These are all serious allegations and we appreciate each department’s leadership and prompt notification,” said SLED director Reggie Lloyd. “We also greatly appreciate our continuing, strong partnership with the FBI on these and other major investigations,” he claimed.
“These allegations do not reflect the professional work of thousands of South Carolina law enforcement officers each and every day,” Lloyd claimed. “All subjects of these investigations are presumed innocent of these charges at this time.”
South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster’s office picked up the case on Monday and will decide on any charges against Sgt. Tribble.
Shelley is still in jail on outstanding warrants for giving false information to police, driving under suspended license second offense, habitual traffic offender, open container, and possession of marijuana.
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