Man Brings Marijuana Pipe Into Courthouse (And Gets Busted)


Photo: Bay County Sheriff’s Office
Jesse Colt Nolind brought a pot pipe into the courthouse, then consented to a search of his car, where a joint was found. How many more dumb things did he do that day, I wonder?

‚ÄčA man entering the Bay County Courthouse in Panama City Beach, Florida on Monday tried to hide a glass pipe used for smoking marijuana while passing through the entrance x-ray scanner. He was unsuccessful.

When deputies arrested him, they discovered he also had two handcuff keys, according to an incident report, and a subsequent search revealed a joint inside his car in the courthouse parking lot, reports Tony Simmons at The Walton Sun.
Deputy Donald Floyd, a bailiff at the courthouse, was working the front door at 9 a.m. Monday, screening items put into the little plastic bowls that run via conveyor belt through the x-ray machine, according to the report.
Floyd noticed that a man later identified as Jesse Colt Nolind, 27, of Panama City, not only placed items into a bowl; he also put something under his wallet in an attempt to hide the item, according to the report.
When Deputy Floyd asked Nolind what the item was, the suspect took the item out of the bowl and showed the deputy a glass pipe that contained some “suspected marijuana residue.”

Floyd handcuffed Nolind and escorted him upstairs to the court security office. A field test of the substance in the pipe came up positive for marijuana, according to the report.
During a search of Nolind after his arrest, Cpl. Luther Burnam (got-dang, what a perfect deputy name) found a handcuff key concealed in Nolind’s wallet, and another handcuff key on his keychain, the report said.
Nolind was charged with possession of a handcuff key, possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana, and possession of paraphernalia.
He was informed of his Miranda rights by Burnam and foolishly consented to a search of his vehicle. (Never consent to a search; it will never “make things go easier for you.”)
Burnam found a marijuana joint in Nolind’s car, the report said.