Man Calls 911 For Ride To Liquor Store; Gets Busted For Pot


Photo: First Coast News
George D. McMurrain, 57, wants to party.

​He wanted a ride to the liquor store; instead, he got a lift to the jail.
A Florida man was charged Saturday night with misusing 911 and possession of marijuana after he had already been warned that his call to 911 for a ride to a liquor store would result in his arrest, reports Nicole Hernandez of The Florida Times-Union.
George D. McMurrain, 57, had already called 911 twice when an an officer from the St. Augustine Police Department responded to a third call.
After the second call, police had told McMurrain that 911 was for emergencies only and he would be arrested if they had to come back, reports First Coast News.

McMurrain, calling from The Budget Inn at about 8 p.m., wanted a lift to buy some more liquor, according to police.
The responding officer saw a small amount of marijuana in plain view while he was speaking with McMurrain in the motel room doorway.
McMurrain was charged with possession of marijuana, under 20 grams.