Product Review: GrindTainer Disposable Cannabis Container


Graphic: Dragon Chewer
GrindTainers are medical cannabis containers especially made for patients, by patients.

​Makers of the Dragon Chewer GrindTainer bill it as “the first and only herbal packaging designed specifically for the medicinal herb industry.”

The GrindTainer offers multifunctional use, including a built-in grinder for ease of breaking down herbs, as well as a patented Separ-Eighth Divider which allows the large size GrindTainer to accommodate two different strains in the one container.
​If you’re accustomed to a luxury metal grinder as I am (I use The Notch™), you’ll probably feel some skepticism when you look at the GrindTainer, made of 100 percent recyclable propylene plastic. I had a few moments of doubt, too.

Photo: Dragon Chewer
Separ-Eighth dividers are a great option for herbal suppliers and patients who use two different strains of cannabis, allowing the container to be divided in half accommodating multiple strains into one container, and cutting down on packaging costs.

​Then I actually tried the unit. It works like a charm! Not only did it do a great job of grinding up the sticky icky, but I may actually prefer (for joint-rolling purposes, at least) the slightly larger pieces of herb left by the GrindTainer.
The GrindTainer is also a great, inexpensive way to have the convenience of a combo cannabis grinder/container on, say, a vacation or camping trip, without putting your luxury grinder at risk of loss or damage. With the disposable GrindTainer, you can take it along, relax and enjoy using it without stressing if something happens to it — which is, after all, where the “disposable” part comes in!
But that’s not the only good reason to use the GrindTainer.
“Bottom line, the people involved in this industry need to pull their heads out of their asses and do something to help the image of medical marijuana,” the GrindTainer sales department tells us. “Is a baggie doing anything positive for the image? Are pill jars really the industry we want to associate with?”
“As young entrepreneurs, we are doing everything we can to extend our philosophy to people, that being: It’s about time cannabis got its own package! It’s about time we start reflecting the legitimacy of the product, through its packaging,” Dragon Chewer told us.
“There is far too much market research that illustrates the importance of packaging in ANY industry, so why is this one still living in the past and in the dark?” Dragon Chewer asks.
“I get a baggie on a new pair of pants with a spare button in it; I don’t want my cannabis in there,” Dragon Chewer said. “I get pills in pill jars; I don’t want my cannabis in there, either.”
“Packaging is the subtle voice of medical marijuana to the public,” Dragon Chewer said. “It’s time that voice grew louder and the packaging represented the legitimacy of the product.”
“The GrindTainer is more than a multifunctional package,” is is the new face of medical marijuana,” Dragon Chewer said. “AND, they are made in the U.S.A.”