Report: Medical Marijuana Now Allowed In Airports


Photo: NBC Montana
Under new TSA rules, medical marijuana is allowed in airports in states where it is legal.

‚ÄčMedical marijuana is now allowed in airport terminals, reports Heidi Meili at

Patients have reported “no problems” as they boarded with carry-on luggage and cannabis plants, Meili reports.
Under the new Transportation Safety Administration regulations, Meili reports that authorized patients are allowed to fly with medical cannabis, and can even change planes in states where it’s illegal.
TSA officials told Meili that state laws supersede what the agency would do in the aviation sector, and it would be up to local law enforcement officials to determine their course of action “based on whatever the person was trying to bring on board an aircraft.”

Photo: NBC Montana
A medical marijuana patient uses his Volcano vaporizer and bag in the airport terminal.

‚ÄčThere are certain restrictions under the new policy, Meili reports. The final destination must be a medical marijuana state, and passengers in possession of pot can’t leave the airport terminal in states that haven’t legalized it.
Footage posted with Meili’s story shows a patient using a Volcano vaporizer in an airport terminal, boarding an airplane with a potted cannabis plant, and seated in the plane with the plant. The footage doesn’t have date or location information.