Why A Vikings Receiver’s Collapse Means NFL Should Allow Pot


Photo: The Scores Report
Percy Harvin of the Minnesota Vikings has to go to the hospital now when he has a migraine headache — because he’s not allowed to use medical marijuana.

‚ÄčMinnesota Vikings wide receive Percy Harvin is resting comfortably in a hospital after collapsing during practice yesterday due to a crippling migraine headache.

Sadly, as pointed out by Kevin Hoffman at our Village Voice Media sister blog CityPages, “the incident could have been prevented with the use of a freely available plant that he had previously relied on to control his long-standing health problem.”
Problem is, that useful plant is marijuana, and the NFL doesn’t allow its use by players.

Harvin, a sufferer of chronic migraine headaches since age 10, showed up positive on an NFL combine drug test in February 2009. His very career was placed in jeopardy, and several formerly interested teams removed him from roster consideration.
“The Vikings selected him as the 22nd pick, likely after a long talk about putting down his spliff,” CityPages reports. “It turned out to be a smart move, because Harvin had a great season and made the Pro Bowl.”
But now that he can’t fall back on the medicine that has always worked, he has to be rushed to the hospital when he suffers migraine headaches.
“The NFL prefers players take Vicodin like Favre,” comments “PabloKoh” on the CityPages site. “No rules against deadly, liver-destroying prescription opiates.”
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