Why Does Your Budtender Hate You? Here Are 5 Reasons


Photo: Robyn Twomey

‚ÄčPot connoisseur William Breathes over at Denver Westword has written a funny, but on-the-money piece called “Top 5 reasons why your budtender hates you,” and it’s hard to beat for some Friday afternoon reading from the Village Voice Media empire.

“Let’s face it, being the person who sits behind a counter weighing out ganja all day long might not seem like the hardest job in the world, and there are plenty of people who would take that gig just for the leftover shake at the end of the day,” Breathes writes.
“But that doesn’t mean it isn’t work.”

Hie thee (or is it high thee?) over to Westword and read the article! Hey, if you’d seen it first, I’d be mad if you hadn’t made me read it, too.