Why Does Your Pot Dealer Hate You? Let Her Count The Ways


Photo: Brunch At Barneys

​​”Of course your dealer knows the risks he or she faces from the police and federal authorities, but that isn’t your dealer’s main fear,” Lauren Rothman tells us at our sister Village Voice Media blog LA Weekly.

“Your dealer’s main fear is wondering what kind of shit you’re going to pull on a daily basis…
“Having been a bud-slinger myself, I’m going to tell you about issues that arise when it comes to procuring drugs that make us contemplate — gulp — attaining a socially acceptable job with a real water cooler and all the fixings.
“I haven’t been in the saddle for a while, but I’ll never forget some of you, no matter how much I wish I could. Your dealer will thank for me for this.”
For the complete list, which I’ll just say sounds quite familiar, visit that glittering jewel of the VVM empire, the LA Weekly: