21st Annual Boston Freedom Rally Is Saturday, September 18


Graphic: Boston Freedom Rally

‚ÄčThe Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition (Mass Cann) will host its 21st annual Freedom Rally Saturday, September 18, beginning at High Noon on the Boston Common.

This year’s theme, “Cannabis Is Medicine,” highlights Mass Cann’s ongoing efforts to obtain passage by a reluctant Legislature of a law that would allow patients or registered caregivers, with their doctor’s written recommendation, to possess and grow marijuana for the patient’s personal medical use.

Musical entertainers at Mass Cann 2010 will include Grammy nominee Tracy Bonham, ONYX, Planetold, Prospect Hill, and Casey Desmond.
Speakers will include former Miss NJ-USA and medical marijuana patient Georgine DiMaria; NORML founder Keith Stroup; NORML Executive Director Allen St. Pierre; High Times Associate Editor Rick Cusick; and High Times grow editor Danny Danko.
Mass Cann invited all four candidates for Massachusetts Governor, but only Dr. Jill Stein of the Green-Rainbow Party is expected to attend.
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