Cali Pays $351 Per Ounce, New York $447 For Top Shelf Weed


Photo: Compassion Family Ministries
Be prepared to pay almost $100 more an ounce in New York.

‚ÄčNow there’s a site where you can envy — or pity — cannabis consumers in other cities by comparing the price of weed everywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

Price Of Weed, “A Global Index of Marijuana,” collects data on pot prices all over so that potheads and producers alike can gauge the going rate for ganja. As remarked by J. Patrick Coolican at our sister Village Voice Media blog LA Weekly, isn’t the Internet wonderful?
Much like a tech-friendly version of High Times‘ time-honored Trans-High Market Quotations, long a favorite part of the magazine, visitors can anonymously input information about their most recent bud buys: amount purchased; price; and quality (your choices are low, medium, and, yes, high).

In California, high quality cannabis averages $351 per ounce, according to the site, based on the 553 consumers who have submitted their data. It’s $281 for medium quality weed and $193 for schwag, although with just 14 people admitting to smoking the stuff, that’s not a very big sample size.
New Yorkers pay a stiff $447 for high quality cannabis, $337 for medium and $183 for low quality.