Daycare Worker Finds Marijuana Stashed In Baby’s Diaper


Photo: Orlin Wagner/AP
Marijuana was found stashed in a baby’s diaper in Waco, Texas. The father, David Shepherd, was arrested on Saturday.

‚ÄčA young Texas father was arrested after a worker at his daughter’s daycare found marijuana stashed in the girl’s diaper.

The daycare, Waco Child Development Center in Waco, Texas, called police to report the find, reports CBS News Affiliate KWTX.
Police said the father must have hidden the small baggie of marijuana in the diaper and then forgot about it.
When a worker started the change the girl’s diaper, the cannabis was found.
Police arrested 23-year-old David Shepherd on Saturday.

He was charged with endangering a child, according to police reports.
Shepherd was released from the McLennan County Jail on Sunday afternoon after posting bond.