LA Containers Offer Elegant, Practical Cannabis Storage Solution


Photo: LA Container
Philips RX™ Pop Tops from LA Container have easy-seal, easy-open squeeze tops to help avoid spilling your meds.

​Baggies, as almost all of us have realized by now, are a far from perfect storage solution when it comes to cannabis. For dispensaries and collectives which want a better way of storing meds, LA Container Inc., in business since 1984, offers some elegant solutions.

LA Container is so far doing business only at the wholesale level, selling containers by the case to retailers such as dispensaries and smoke shops — but if you’re a client rather than a business owner, you can always ask for them by name at your favorite outlet.

Photo: LA Container
This close-up view shows the squeezable sides of a Philips RX™ Pop Top container.

​Among the most useful for pot purposes are the Philips RX™ Pop Tops, whose easy-seal, easy-open tops are ideal for making sure you don’t inadvertently spill your stash.
An additional advantage of the containers, of course, is that they just seem a more dignified way of storing medicinal cannabis. Baggies are so 80s dorm room, don’t you think?
The fact that the unique hinged-lid squeeze tops seal in the pungent scent of fine marijuana can also be a big plus when you must be in less than weed-friendly environments.
The storage vials are made of FDA compliant clarified polypropylene, and are available in clear or UV resistant colors (ultraviolet light tends to break down cannabinoids): transparent green, transparent amber, semi-transparent blue, transparent red, and the new transparent violet.