Man Who Tried To Rob Pot Farmers Rescued By Deputies


Photo: Orange Juice

​Deputies rescued a Fontana, California man who earlier tried to rob marijuana farmers, but instead was shot at and became lost in the forest, according to San Bernardino County Sheriff’s officials. Oh, and they found 3,000 plants. Sound like a set-up?

Alan Drew Smith, 52, was arrested Monday for being a felon in possession of a firearm and for attempted robbery, reports the Victorville Daily Press.

Investigators learned Smith had gone into the forest area near Silverwood Lake north of Devore to try to rob marijuana farmers, officials said in a press release.

When the cannabis cultivators shot at him, Smith picked up a shotgun he claimed he found on the ground (how freakin’ convenient!) and fired back at them. He then ran away but got stuck in a ravine.

Photo: Goldenseed

​Smith called 911 Sunday evening and invented a story that his vehicle became stuck, claiming that while on foot he stumbled upon the illegal pot farm, according to Sheriff’s officials.
Members of the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue team along with members of the Marijuana Eradication Team were brought into the area. Smith was then located and flown to safety.
(Hmm… those of a paranoid bent might suspect that the whole thing was a subterfuge to get members of the Marijuana Eradication Team into a suspected cultivation area under any flimsy excuse.)
After an interview, officers learned Smith had planned to rob the marijuana farmers and on September 18, it is believed that Smith encountered a family who mistakenly thought he was one of the cannabis cultivators.
Smith allegedly dropped plastic bags tied together with ropes in front of the family’s vehicle. When Smith realized his mistake, he told the family to leave the area, while holding a shotgun in his hands, officials said.
No one was hurt in the incident.
A 3,000-plant marijuana farm was found “through an investigation.”
Yeah, there we are back into paranoid territory wondering if Smith was working with “authorities” all along.
None of the farmers were located.
Anyone with “information” is asked to call the Twin Peaks station at (909) 336-0600 or call WeTip at (800) 78-CRIME.
It would probably be illegal for me to suggest that you call both of these numbers with spurious information to tie up the lines and their time, so I won’t do that. But some of you scofflaws might do it, anyway.