Marijuana Grower Who Let Cops In House Gets Jail Time


Photo: Portsmouth Police Department
Jesse Watkins said he “couldn’t stand the dog.” He also made the bonehead move of inviting the cops in with pot in plain view.

‚ÄčA Portsmouth, Maine man who invited police into his home to investigate a noise complaint — but failed to hide his marijuana — was sentenced to jail on Tuesday.

Jesse Watkins, 27, appeared in Portsmouth District Court September 21 when he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of marijuana possession. In a plea bargain, Watkins admitted to being in possession of marijuana, and a felony count of “manufacturing a controlled substance” was dismissed, reports Elizabeth Dinan at
Police were dispatched to Watkins’s home on September 8 for what was reported as a “loud domestic disturbance.” When a bloody Watkins invited officers in to prove he was alone, they found five growing marijuana plants and a bag of pot in plain view, Prosecutor Rena DiLando told the court.

DiLando said Watkins was “agitated and bloodied” from punching a wall, and asked the court to mandate that he undergo an anger management evaluation within 60 days.
Judge Stephen Morrison agreed to impose the anger management order, as well as a nine-month jail sentence, with all but 9 days in jail suspended pending Watkins’ good behavior for two years.
Watkins, who was represented by attorney Anthony Naro, was also given nine days’ credit for time served prior to his conviction.
Watkins is being allowed to pay his $350 fine by performing community service at a rate of $10 per hour, at Naro’s request.
During his previous arraignment, Watkins told the court he was upset that he couldn’t find his cell phone and agitated by a dog left at the home by a roommate. Watkins said he “couldn’t stand the dog.”