Medical Marijuana Jars Offer Storage, Light Protection



​​We all have our favorite ways to store cannabis. Some of us are old school, using sandwich baggies or zip-locks. Others favor stash cans, 35 mm film containers, plastic containers or mason jars. As for me, I just discovered my favorite stash jar a couple weeks ago: Violet Glass Jars from Medical Marijuana Jars.

Violet biophotonic glass provides the best protection from the sun’s damaging rays, and according to Medical Marijuana Jars, they are made to scientific standards insuring medicine stays fresher longer.

The Tall-100 Jar is big enough to store monster buds, and holds about a quarter-ounce.

​According to, studies have shown herbs stored in violet glass jars have increased aroma compared to clear or amber glass. Utilized by the ancient Egyptians for long-term storage of natural substances, the benefits of bio-violet glass weren’t rediscovered until the 1800s, when an Austrian naturalist named Jacob Lorber noted the preserving and enhancing effects of violet glass on olive oil.
The jars come in sizes from the 5 ml Small Concentrate Jar, which holds one to two grams ($7.50), to the C-50 Small Jar, which holds about an eighth-ounce ($11), all the way up to the big 2-liter Apothecary Jar ($100), which holds a honkin’ half pound of herb and features a hand-fitted glass on glass airtight sealing lid.
The specially designed lids turn every mmJar into a mini-humidor to store your stash in optimum conditions. Replacement lids are available for only $1, and extra lids are $1.50 plus shipping.
Check mmJ’s Links page to learn where you can buy Violet Medical Marijuana Jars at a retailer near you, or you can order at their online store, with delivery in one to four weeks.