Michigan: Marijuana Patient Dies A Week After ‘Gestapo’ Raid


Photo: The Oakland Press
Sal Agro looks at what was left of his medical marijuana garden after cops raided his home. Agro, 67, didn’t get to live his final days in peace. Police officers ripped the place apart and seized his plants a week before he died.

‚ÄčRemember Sal Agro!

A Michigan man who spoke out last week about police tactics after an August 25 medical marijuana raid at his home died on Thursday.

Sal Agro, 67, died due to a heart attack, according to family members. He recently had hip surgery, reports Carol Hopkins of The Oakland Press.
After the raids, Agro, a retired GM worker and beloved Lake Orion sports coach, walked through areas of his home to show where police had ripped apart beds and clothing, looking for marijuana.
Several marijuana plants he was growing for medical use were torn out and confiscated by police.

“They had ski masks on and acted like the Gestapo,” Agro said. “I don’t understand the mentality of it, why they did what they did. I’m lost for words.”

Photo: The Oakland Press
Sal Agro: “I don’t understand the mentality of it, why they did what they did. I’m lost for words.” R.I.P., Sal.

‚ÄčAgro said his sons, Nick and Tony Agro, ran the Clinical Relief dispensary in Ferndale. Sal said both he and his wife had state-issued cards that allow them to have marijuana plants.
Sal said his family ran the Ferndale dispensary professionally, and had actually invited government officials to tour the operation.
But when the “tour” came, it was the kind where they kick in the door, wear ski masks, and put guns in your face.
Cecelia Vellucci of Lake Orion said she had known Agro for almost 40 years.
“He was very caring for our children,” Vellucci said. “He was always there first to train and guide them.”
“He was very friendly, kidding and joking,” said Vellucci, whose five sons went to school with the Agros’ sons.
“He wasn’t afraid to speak up,” she said.
A Facebook posting at 2:45 p.m. on Thursday poignantly spoke about Coach Agro’s sports background.
“Lake Orion suffered a devastating loss this early afternoon,” the posting read. “Our hearts go out to the Agro family and the passing of Sal Agro after complications following his recent hip replacement sugery. RIP Coach!”
“Sal was the best coach I’ve ever had and my favorite!” wrote Jennifer Chapdelaine. “He will be missed greatly!”
Remember Sal Agro.
To watch a video interview with Sal Agro from last Thursday, Aug. 26, the day after his home was torn apart by police, visit this link from The Oakland Press: