‘Weeds’ Star Mary-Louise Parker Doesn’t Smoke Weed


Graphic: Showtime
Mary-Louise Parker may star in Weeds, but she doesn’t smoke ’em.

​In some disconcerting news for those of us who have been fantasizing about hot marathon smoking sessions with Mary-Louise Parker, the star of Showtime’s Weeds has admitted she doesn’t smoke marijuana.

But at least Parker, 46, who plays the role of pot-peddling housewife Nancy on the hit cable series, doesn’t judge you for toking up, reports Gerrick D. Kennedy at the Boston Herald.
It’s not that Parker has anything against cannabis, you see. It’s just that it doesn’t seem that exciting.

Photo: Esquire/killahbeez
Eat it while it’s hot!

​Marijuana “doesn’t seem quite as contraband,” Parker said. “I don’t have that reefer madness, but so many people do it. I don’t know why they bother doing it. There’s nothing even remotely naughty about it.”
“It’s like Sudafed,” the actress said. “I was never interested in it. I just feel honestly people make a really big deal about it.
The sixth season of Weeds premiered in August. While there are murmurs among the show’s faithful that the series might have jumped the shark, it can still be entertaining.
This season, after youngest son Shane murders one of Nancy’s enemies — with a croquet mallet — the Botwins are forced to escape, picking up new identities along the way and avoiding the FBI.
Parker said that this season will be about her coming to terms with her lack of parenting skills.
“I kind of thought it was a really good opportunity for her to take some accountability and guilt for what she’s doing,” Parker said. “I wanted to see her be affected by what she’d done. Just so that it’s her fault.”
The show will continue featuring guest stars this season, with Linda Hamilton, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Richard Dreyfuss all making cameos.

Photo: Esquire/killahbeez

​Parker wouldn’t say a lot about Drefuss’s role on the show, but she was clearly impressed.
“He’s amazing… just amazing,” Parker said. “What I saw onscreen, he’s just incredible. He has all the great mix of qualities,” she said of Dreyfuss, who also co-stars with her in the upcoming feature film Red.
“He’s so intelligent; that’s what makes his performance so incredible,” Parker said.
Not even Parker knows if Weeds will be returning for a seventh season.
“Nobody has told me,” she said. “I thought they would tell me by now. I don’t know. I honestly thought they would have announced it by now.”
“But you never know,” Parker said. “They could call today and say it ain’t happening. I would be sad; I’d miss everybody.”