Wickie Pipe Lighter Offers All-In-One Convenience


Photo: WickiePipe
The Wickie Pipe offers all-in-one convenience with a flip-out mouthpiece, built-in lighter, and hidden stash compartment.

​The Wickie All-In-One Pipe Lighter offers everything you need but the weed with its revolutionary self-lighting pipe, making life easier for smokers everywhere.

The Wickie has a flip-out metal bowl and a mouthpiece made from acrylic to keep it from heating up, a flip up/flip down metal bowl cover so you can leave it full for later or properly secure the material when finished smoking, a built-in storage compartment so you can store smokeables with your lighter, and an adjustable flame control on the built-in lighter.
The futuristic design is sure to delight gadget freaks. The secret stash compartment can be found underneath the acrylic mouthpiece attached to the body to store extra herbs.

Photo: WickiePipe

​Maintenance of the Wickie Pipe is also easy; the built-in lighter is refillable with regular butane gas, and the metal screen inside the bowl is easily replaceable.
The Wickie Pipe is only four inches long, so it can easily fit in your pocket for on-the-go use or travel.
I’ve personally tried out the Wickie Pipe, and it works great, exactly as advertised.
Glass purists who object to metal bowls or acrylic mouthpieces should be aware that the Wickie Pipe does contain both.
The original Wickie Pipe Lighter is available from WickiePipe.com for $34.99. No shipping is charged if you choose the U.S. Postal Service option, and your pipe will arrive in three to seven days.
Of course, if you simply must have your WickiePipe sooner than that? Overnight, two-day, and priority shipping are also available.

Photo: WickiePipe