Cocaine-In-Butt Guy Confesses: ‘The Drugs Were Mine’


Raymond Stanley Roberts: “I was thinking about my kids and putting food in their mouths”

‚ÄčThe Florida man who infamously got arrested in Manatee County last week for having marijuana and cocaine allegedly stashed in his butt — ony to later deny to cops that the cocaine wasn’t his — has confessed both controlled substances belonged to him.

Raymond Stanley Roberts told he was selling drugs “to support his family.”
“What am I supposed to do to earn money?” Roberts said. “I have two kids and we’re in a recession. No one is hiring. I’m a black man who has put in hundreds of applications for legit work, but always came up empty.”
Roberts was driving his four-year-old son to school when Manatee County Sheriff’s deputies pulled him over for allegedly speeding.
When deputies approached the vehicle, they claimed to smell marijuana coming from Roberts’ car, according to their arrest report.
“I do smoke marijuana,” Roberts admitted to

“But I was not smoking or high when they pulled me over,” he said. “I had my son in the car with me. I’m a good father and would never put my kids in harm’s way.”
Roberts said he was asked to get out of the car, and said one of the officers “illegally” searched him.
“This punk rookie cop starting searching me real tough and got real physical with me,” Roberts said. “I thought he was violating me since he didn’t find anything in my car.”
“The cop then stuck his hand in my pants and pulled a couple of baggies out from my boxers,” Roberts said.
Roberts was arrested for illegal possession of marijuana and cocaine.
Shortly after he was booked, he posted $1,100 bail and was released.
“I didn’t kill anyone,” Roberts said. “I didn’t rape anyone and I was not trying to hurt anyone. I know it’s wrong but in all honesty, I was thinking about my kids and putting food in their mouths.”
Roberts is scheduled to appear in court again on October 30.