S.F. Cops Return Seven Pounds Of Marijuana To Grower


Photo: Salem News

‚ÄčLast week, in what may be the largest single cop-to-grower marijuana transaction ever (the largest amount of pot returned by cops we’re aware of was 11 pounds, but that was given back a little at the time), the San Francisco Police Department gave seven pounds of cannabis back to grower Cody Phillips, whose cultivation for sale charges were dismissed in August.

The seven pounds of pot — in good condition, according to his attorney! — wasn’t all that Phillips got back, reports Chris Roberts at SF Weekly. The cops also gave him back everything else they seized in the June raid, including grow lights and cash.
The grow equipment had been returned earlier, according to attorney Derek St. Pierre, but figuring out how to return the marijuana was problematic. There is apparently no standing protocol for cop-to-civilian marijuana returns, especially for such large amounts. (Toke of the Town suggests that someone at the SFPD should get right on that.)

Seized pain pills returned by the cops are usually processed through San Francisco General Hospital, according to SF Weekly, but SF General wanted no part of the seven pounds of marijuana, St. Pierre said.
So the deal went down like this. Phillips and St. Pierre met with uniformed police officers in an undisclosed parking lot, where a trunk-to-trunk pot transfer was performed, right from the unmarked police cruiser into Phillips’ SUV, according to St. Pierre.
A few passers-by were gawking at the (probably not that unusual for San Francisco) scene, but attorney St. Pierre had nothing but praise for the way the SFPD handled their marijuana delivery duties.
“I thought the police were extremely professional in the way they handled themselves,” St. Pierre said. “Everything was done in a respectful and courteous manner.”
Read Chris Roberts’ story at SF Weekly: