Dude, Sweet! Marijuana Left In Store’s Candy Aisle


Photo: SodaHead

‚ÄčA store clerk in Tennessee found about two grams of marijuana among the candy bars and chewing gum in her store’s candy aisle early Thursday morning.

Officer Craig Taylor went to the Pilot Truck Stop in Cookeville, Tenn., just before 4 a.m. on Thursday after the clerk called about the cannabis, reports Mary Jo Denton of the Cookeville Herald-Citizen.
“She stated she was checking the candy rack located at the cash register when she observed a small plastic bag of suspected marijuana on the rack,” said the police report.

“She said she took custody of the marijuana and contacted the police,” the report said.
The clerk did not know how long the bag of weed and been there, “or who may have dropped it,” according to the report.
Officer Taylor took the bag of marijuana, described as about two grams, to the police station and put it in the evidence vault.
The sweet-toothed stoner has yet to claim his or her stash.