Dumb Jock? Lakers’ Artest Says No To Legal Marijuana


Photo: The Slanch Report
Ron Artest and other obnoxious rich idiots are against marijuana legalization

‚ÄčNBA loudmouth Ron Artest of the Los Angeles Lakers is always happy to share his opinions, no matter how dumb they are, on any subject — and marijuana is no exception.

“Even if they legalize marijuana, I won’t be smoking marijuana,” Ron-Ron told Kevin Ding of The Orange County Register.

“So there you have it,” writes The Daily Heat. “The man who once admitted to drinking before his games while on the Chicago Bulls roster (who wouldn’t?) has turned turned over a new leaf.”
But the would-be political commentator Artest wasn’t content to spread his vast knowledge on the subject only with the Register
“He took his fight to the one true intellectual battlefield (apart from Opposing Views) left in the world: Twitter,” The Daily Heat tells us.

Later on the same Saturday, after making his anti-pot pronouncement to reporters, he tweeted: “are they really going to legalize marijuana? … i hope not!! … its not cool kids might think its cool.”
So much for Proposition 19, at least if you believe well-known lush Artest, who claims he stopped drinking alcohol in January “to concentrate on the season,” and then stopped his championship celebrations, alcohol-wise, at the end of July, saying he “didn’t even have the stomach for it anymore.”
“I’ve been drinking alcohol since I was 17 years old, 15 years old,” the reliably obnoxious Artest told reporters Saturday, seemingly not worried whether or not “kids might think it’s cool.”
Hey, Ron-Ron: Maybe you should form a support group for Obnoxious Rich Idiots Against Marijuana. You can be the poster boy.