Marijuana Stomps Wine Grapes As California Cash Crop


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California’s marijuana crop is worth $14 billion, according to a state report. That totally crushes the state’s wine grape crop, which comes in at only $2 billion.

“Legalization would be a huge shot in the arm for plenty of ancillary industries, such as banking and construction,” reports NBC Bay Area‘s Matt Baume.

Photo: NBC Bay Area

​California had earlier estimated that it could make $1.4 billion in taxes if Prop 19 passes, but they’ve since backed away from that estimate, claiming there are too many variables. 

As Baume points out, most of those who oppose legalization are those who make money from cannabis prohibition: law enforcement agencies and the alcohol industry.

What he didn’t mention was another group staunchly opposed to Prop 19: a small group of marijuana growers and dispensary owners who don’t want to lower prices and competition legalization might bring.

Disingenuously, these folks are representing themselves as “stoners against prop 19” when they might more truthfully represent themselves as “wealthy marijuana entrepreneurs against lowering profits.”