Partying Poodle Polishes Off Pot In Park; Gets Paranoid; Tests Positive


Photo: My Fox DC
Senator, a toy poodle, got stoned after he placed a marijuana roach in his mouth. His non-genius owner even got him a drug test. Yeah, he tested positive.

‚ÄčA Maryland woman who said she considers her toy poodle “more like a child than a pet” was crying as she took the cannabinated canine to the veterinarian Monday, after the partying pooch grabbed a marijuana roach in its mouth.

Cynthia Painter of Chevy Chase, Md., said she was walking “Senator” in her apartment courtyard when he tried to eat the cannabis butt, reports Will Thomas at My Fox DC.
“I quickly removed it, but within an hour, he couldn’t walk right and his eyes were glassy, so we rushed him to the hospital,” Painter said.
“Soon as the vet saw him, she said, ‘He’s stoned,’ ” Painter said. Proper!

Rather than just, say, waiting for the damn weed to wear off, Painter put out the money to have the pot-partaking poodle blood tested.
Dr. Nicola Moore of the Friendship Hospital for Animals treated the stoned Senator and ordered blood work, which came back positive for marijuana and even trace amounts of cocaine. Could this doper doggy have been partying with Paris Hilton’s pooch?
“We do see this from time to time in animals, so people really have to watch their animals and what they’re ingesting,” Dr. Moore said in low soothing tones.
Senator, of course, made a full recovery — being as cannabis is non-toxic, and all, despite reporter Will Thomas’s lame attempts at drama — but Painter is worried that if her dog can get plastered from picking up pot, what about the children?
“This is a wake up call fo0r me and for parents to really watch on the ground around them,” Painter said.
Yeah, Cynthia, you can say that again. I know I’ll be on Roach Patrol 24/7.