Bob Marley Rolling Papers Provide A Pure Hemp Alternative


Photo: US Global Imports

​There are plenty of choices available to the joint enthusiast when it comes to rolling papers.

For those who prefer to smoke only cannabis — and for those who care about sustainable farming practices — one of the best choices is tree-free hemp papers.
And if you’re going to use hemp rolling papers, who not go all in and use ones that are branded with the name and likeness of reggae legend Bob Marley?

The Marley papers, which come in 1-1/4 width (like a Job 1.25), come with attention to the right details.
The papers, made in Spain, come with natural gum glue, and the wraps come with a generous 50 leaves to the pack rather than the standard 32 leaves. 
The manufacturers get bonus points for including a Wailers quote in the inside of the paper pack: “If you know what life is worth, you would look for yours on earth,” from the lyrics of “Get Up, Stand Up.” (Although I believe Peter Tosh actually wrote those lyrics.)
Buy Bob Marley papers at your local smoke shop, or if you’re at least 18 years old, you can mail order them online for just $2.49 a pack (with free shipping!) by clicking here.

(You can also get Zig-Zags or E-Z Widers if that’s your thang.)