California’s Prop 19 Legalization Has Wide Support Across U.S.


Graphic: Angus Reid

‚ÄčAs voters in California have their say on Proposition 19, a proposal that would legalize, tax and regulate marijuana, the measure enjoys wide popular support across the United States, according to a new Angus Reid Public Opinion Poll.

Two in five Americans — 42 percent — believe that if Prop 19 passes, it will be a positive development for the U.S. One third of respondents — 33 percent — think passage of Prop 19 would be a negative development for the country.
A majority of respondents aged 18 to 34 — 52 percent — said the passage of Prop 19 would be a positive development. However, only 32 percent of respondents over age 55 agreed.

Half of political independents (49 percent) and almost half of Democrats (46 percent) said that passing Prop 19 would be good for the country. Conversely, 43 percent of Republicans said its passage would be a negative development.
In the online survey of a representative national sample of 1,017 American adults, 40 percent of respondents said they expected California to pass Prop 19. Three in ten (29 percent) believe the Golden State will reject legalization.