Chronic Glow Helps You Keep That Smokin’ Piece Clean


Photo: Chronic Glow
Queen Esther shows how to clean your piece with Chronic Glow cleanser. Nice bong!

‚ÄčChronic Glow is a Southern California-based company dedicated to the compassionate cause of safe and legal access to medicinal cannabis. The company says it is committed to providing patients with a pipe/bong cleaner that really works and sanitizes, not to mention the cool fact that it glows in the dark.

The liquid provides premium medical-grade cleansers with the latest technology in “agitators” that, when activated by light, combine to repel resins. With just a small amount of Chronic Glow you can clean up even the most resinated and clogged pieces.
Chronic Glow is versatile, cleansing pipes made of glass, plastic, acrylic, and metal, and it even cleans hookahs. Once you pour Chronic Glow into your piece you can almost instantly see it work as accumulated resins begin to dissolve.
According to Chronic Glow, administering medical cannabis out of a dirty pipe diminishes the quality of the taste, the quality of the experience, and diminishes the quality of the healthy benefits by adding to the level of impurities that enter the lungs during smoke inhalation.

Chronic Glow cleanser contains no soaps or detergents, so there is no aftertaste or lingering smell, and it is also biodegradable and non-toxic.
The cleaner was developed over the past decade by an Inland Empire patient who dared to ask the question, “How can I get my glass pieces actually clean like the day I bought them?”
Through trial and error — and with a little help from some college chemists — he invented Chronic Glow.
I’ve tried this stuff personally, folks, and I can tell you it actually works.
Chronic Glow‘s online store is coming soon; in the meantime, you can check our their cleanser at any of their Inland Empire outlets (see bottom of the page), or hit them up on MySpace or Facebook for information on upcoming events and shows.