Marijuana Is The Biggest Issue On Tuesday’s Ballot



Win Or Lose, Progress In 2010, As Well As Recent National Polling, Indicates That Marijuana Prohibition’s Days Are Numbered

As voters in four states prepare to weigh in on statewide marijuana reform ballot measures, a new Gallup poll released last week shows that national support for making marijuana legal has reached an all-time high of 46 percent, while support for current policies continued a gradual erosion to its lowest level on record.
According to the poll, “If the trend of the past decade continues at a similar pace, majority support could be a reality within the next few years.”
“No matter what happens tomorrow, it’s now undeniable that national public sentiment is increasingly turning against the idea that responsible adults should be criminalized for using a substance less harmful than alcohol,” said Rob Kampia, executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project.

​”Support for ending marijuana prohibition is not only growing among the populace, but we are also seeing prominent organizations coming out in support of reform,” Kampia said. “Thanks to initiatives like Proposition 19 in California, advocates for marijuana policy reform are gaining allies, from labor unions to the NAACP to Democratic Party committees, who will stand with us during future battles.”
“So as we await tomorrow’s results, we are already looking forward to achieving major victories in 2012,” Kampia said.
• On Election Day tomorrow, Californians will vote on Prop 19, a potentially historic ballot measure that would make marijuana legal for all adults and allow localities to regulate its sale.
• In Arizona and South Dakota, voters will consider medical marijuana ballot initiatives.
• In Oregon, voters will decide whether to expand the state’s current medical marijuana law by authorizing state-licensed dispensaries.